90% of the total time spent on
mobile devices is spent in apps.

Not convinced yet? What if we told you, 80% of today's internet access is done through mobile devices? It doesn't take a great mind to figure out what this means and that's why at SWIRIS, we have focused all our efforts on developing mobile-app technologies. Anticipate the future, tomorrow is already today.

The next revolution is on its way.
We are getting ready for it, are you?

Remember the times where TV took over Radio? A world-shattering revolution. Well beware, 'cause the next one coming is meant to be even bigger. Forget everything you know, our whole world is about to change. Are you going to stand still?

Take the next step. Whether you want to materialize those great ideas you have in mind or boost your business sales, it's time to adopt today's new mobile solutions.

Almost everyone has their own TV nowadays, in the future to come, almost everyone will have their own mobile app.

Yo, zero experience with apps? No worries, our team of experts will carefully analyze your needs and deploy a tailored-made solution to drag your potential users to a whole new reality in terms of app usability and experience. If you are still waiting for a sign, this is it: Help us build the world of tomorrow with the apps of today.

Simple made Sexy.

Having your own app has never been so easy.
Check out some recent facts of this growing market:

Better Engagement

Engagement is up to four times better on mobile apps than on mobile web.

Sales Influence

Mobile devices influenced sales to the tune of over $1.4 trillion in 2016.

Increasing Audience

There are already more mobile Internet users than desktop Internet users.

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